Existing members renewing their membership in 2021 will be provided with an extra 2 months on their renewal to offset our club closure.              This was the only practical way to deal with it as equitably as possible

In the interest of social distancing we will be permitting ONLY 9 active shooters at a time;  3 per bay one in position 1, 3 and 5  leaving a 7 foot distance apart

We ask you to use common sense and good judgement  when using the facilities and being respectful of the other members present

4 members may remain in the general club room area while other members actively shooting maintain social distancing of 2 meters

Advise anyone else trying to enter the facility that they must wait outside until someone leaves the building 

Only members of the same household may attend as guest at this time

All members and guests must wear masks and use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting. 

Last but not least please limit your shooting time to an hour if there are other members waiting

Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these new rules

Membership Renewal


You can download a copy of the membership renewal, fill it in and scan it. Then e-mail to
if all your info is the same as last year no need to fill it in or send it

Payment can be made by sending an EMT to the same e-mail no password is required (we now have auto deposit)

Be sure to include your name with payment

We will mail your membership card to you and update your access card generally within 48 hours.


Previous members can rejoin with a limited amount of effort. If you still have your access card and all of your information is the same as before.
Just send us an e-mail and payment by EMT for payment along with your name and access card number

If it has been more than 2 years we suggest that you take the orientation again